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LTE MiMo Antenna LTE800/MIMO/FP18

High-performance directional antenna

A high-performance directional antenna BAZ special antennas with a gain of 2 x 18.5 dBi for 4G LTE MiMo

Technical data:

Weather-resistant UV-resistant plastic housing, frequency 790-880 MHz, tuned to frequency your network provider (Provider), polarization horizontal / vertical, winning 2 x 18.5 dBi, V / R> 20 dB, VSWR 1.2, Alpha H 34 °, Alpha E 32 °, Pmax 50 W, 2 x N female connector (50 Ohm), DC-grounded (DC ground, inter alia, important for recognition on the router), height 470 mm, width 300 mm, depth 45 mm.
Complete with stable mast attachment for pipe diameters 30-54 mm, adjust the slope (elevation) is possible.

The LTE800/MIMO /FP18 is a directional antenna to extend the range, signal enhancement and acceleration data for 4G LTE mobile phoneand is due to the polarization diversity very well for the MIMO technology

Due to the polarization diversity of +/- 90 ° you get an additional diversity gain of about 3-4 dB


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