Antennas data services ISM,RFID 900 MHz

Antennas data services ISM/RFID 868MHz

Antenna ISM900/Y13 ISM 900 MHz Yagi directional antenna, 33 cm-band with open half wave dipole, assembly in front-of-mast, polarization horizontal/vertical, connection N-female, completely with mast fixing. Techn... (ISM900/Y13) 174,70 EUR (incl. 19% USt. additional costs of delivery)

Antenna ISM900/Y13-PROF High performance ISM 900 MHz Yagi directional antenna with open half wave dipole for professional applications (very robust). Assembly in front-of-mast, polarization horicontal/vertical, connect... (ISM900/Y13-PROF) 354,70 EUR (incl. 19% USt. additional costs of delivery)

Antennas for ISM 868 MHz

Antennas for ISM 900 MHz
The 33-centimeter or 900 MHz band is also used by industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) equipment

The industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio bands are radio bands (portions of the radio spectrum) reserved internationally for the use of radio frequency (RF) energy for industrial, scientific and medical purposes other than communications. Examples of applications in these bands include radio-frequency process heating, microwave ovens, and medical diathermy machines.

BAZ Spezialantennen produce ISM 900 MHz antennas as yagi antennas, ground plane antenna