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Magnetic ferrite rod antenna & selective booster

Magnetic rod antennas antennas VLF, LF, MF, SWL

FERRITE ANTENNA 1/4" Magnetic ferrite rod antennas for longest wave, long wave, medium wave, short wave. Plug-on (professional Neutrik plug's for 1/4" jack's) and direct finding power magnetic ferrite rod antennas for...

FERRITE ANTENNA N/BNC Magnetic ferrite rod antennas for longest wave, long wave, medium wave, short wave. Magnetic ferrite rod antennas with N-fermale/BNC-fermale in the frequency ranges 5-50 kHz very long waves ...

HFA FERRITE ANTENNA High gain magnetic ferrite rod antennas Magnetic rod antennas antennas in variations of 100-500 kHz, 500-2500 kHz, 75-350 kHz, 350-2000 kHz, 15-70 kHz . All high gain magnetic rod antennas ...

EQUIPMENT Power supply, connecting cable, screening ferrites, battery pack for outdoor use, stand

Magnetic rod antennas (ferrite antennas)

Ferrite (Magnetic) rod antennas antennas for longwave, medium wave, short wave, sferics, navtex, timesignal
& Selective Basis Booster

The ferrite rod antenna operates using the high permeability of the ferrite material, ferrite rod antennas antenna uses the magnetic component of the radio signals (-> magnetic rod antennas antennas)

The performance of the ferrite rod limits the frequency response.
Normally this type of ferrite rod antenna design is only effective on the long wave, medium wave or short wave bands.

Ferrite rod antennas (magnetic rod antennas) work well in radio direction-finding applications, and for reception of long-wave, medium-wave or short-wave signals, also in special frequencies how sferics, navtex, loran-c, timesignals, nautical/aeronatical signals, emv/emi.

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