Ferrite Antenna HFA3

Magnetic rod antennas

High performance ferrite antennas in three variants of 15-75 kHz, 70-350 kHz, 350-2000 kHz

Specifications: length 750 mm, outside diameter 50 mm ferrite core, size of the plastic housing (LxWxH) 200 x 120 x 90 mm, weight the antenna 3.5 kg, by means of tap resonance capacity, stepwise tunable.
N female connector

Ferrite antenna HFA3 (direct finding) is a high performance module for receiving the electromagnetic component of the electromagnetic field

Magnetic ferrite rod antennas



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HFA 3 high performance ferrite antenna for 15-75 kHz

HFA 3 high performance ferrite antenna for 70 - 350 kHz

high performance ferrite antenna, detail