Ferrite rod antennas LFM/NAVTEX-A

Navtex ferrite antennas

Navtex ferrite antennas for reception of nautical safety signals

Navtex ferrite antennas for reception of nautical safety signals. Ferrite receive antennas for 490 and 518 kHz

Material: Bundled ferrites of high permeability, CuL, shockproof cast in PE housings. Professional Neutrik© plug's for 1/4" jack's. Length 320 mm.

is component of the world-wide distress system (GMDSS) and serves for the reception of nautical warning, information and safety signals. NAVTEX serves for spreading safety information (maritime Safety information). The NAVTEX messages are submitted from land stations in the telex operating system with forward error Correction. On the frequency 518 kHz (in the general linguistic usage medium wave) are spread the information in English language. On the frequency 490 kHz can be spread information in language of a country. Stations: For sending the information the world is graded in 16 Navareas so called. In the Navareas the individual senders with letters from A to Z are marked (in the northern hemisphere from north to south). These stations consignment at varying times, in order to avoid opposite-acting interferences. Navarea I B Bodø radio (NO), C Murmansk (RU), F Archangelsk (RU) (polar region), G Cullercoats (GB), H Bjuröklubb (SE), I Grimeton (SE), J Gislövshammer (SE), K Niton (FI), L Rogaland (SE), M Oostende (fuel element), O port Patrick (GB), P Netherland Coast Guard (NE), Q Malin Head (IR), R Reykjavík (IS), S Niton (GB), T Oostende (fuel element), U Tallinn (IT), V Vardø (NE), W Valentia (IR), X Reykjavík (IS) starting from in the middle of 2006 will exploit the German weather service a NAVTEX sender and will consignment the weather messages both in English, and into German. (Original planned Sendebegin was 16 January/spring 2006, procurement difficulties with the short wave sender led allegedly to deceleration. Starting from that the NAVTEX sender in the rule operation, exploited by the DWD in Pinneberg, consignment 29.08.2006 on 490 kHz and 518 kHz.) Navarea II A CROSS Corsen (F), CD La Coruña (e), F the Azores (POR), G Tarifa (e), I Las Palmas (e), M Casablanca (MRO), R Monsanto (POR)

Navtex ferrite antennas reception nautical signal


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Navtex ferrite antennas for nautical signals

Navtex ferrite antennas for reception of nautical safety signals