Picture Gallery

Picture gallery

Pictures from our file archiv and of our customers shows BAZ antennas in use

About the forwarding of pictures of its BAZ antenna we would be pleased.
Consignment to us simply your digital image by email or your print picture by post office.

Ferrite Antenna, Non-directional beacon (NDB), Non-directional beacon, air navigation

Dan Serbanescu/YO3DDZ: Antenna array 8 x 2m-band doublequad directional antennas 2/HDQ11, Dan wrote: " ... Work perfect, swr 1-1.02 at 144750.0 "

Product presentation ferrite antennas

Product presentation directional antennas

Product presentation ferrite antennas and directional antennas

Product presentation double quad antennas / directional antennas

Product presentation reception booster/XXL high performance ferrite module

Measurement of EMC (GSM 900/1800/UMTS) Wlan Repeater

Measuring engineer with EMC measurement

Conteststation HB9TNF (Switzerland)

Directional antenna 2/HDQ21-DX in 3025 m, Engadin, Switzerland

Television station Second Channel of German Television, outdoor aerial for sound signal and control signal

Station DC1NR

Station DC1NR

Reflector directional antenna, used at police

HB9CV Antenna, 4x stocked, amateurstation

Array of DL9EBO, 8-x stocked 070/HDQ27

Conteststation HB9WM, Switzerland

HB9WM, 2/HDQ21-DX, extends

Double Quad Antennas array PD2KMD, 2/HDQ21-DX horizontal, 2/HDQ21-DX vertical, 070/HDQ27

DBQ20 duoband antenna 2m/70cm, built up into technical University of Cottbus, club station

LPDA 115-1000 MHz, used airport Paderborn

Wlan Array (BAZ-FP-2400-1) 4x stocked, used as Hotspot in Neubrandenburg

DC6IR, Alicante (Spain) - Double Quad's 023/HDQ56, 070/HDQ27

GSM radio data transmission 900 MHz, Rhine navigation

70cm folded ground plane, used THW

Broadband boster VM-C (VLF frequency) for technical service German Telekom

400 MHz Satellite communication service, data communication

2m crossyagi, circular polarisation

Station DC6IR-Alicante (Spain)

Directional antenna for 23cm 023/HDQ26, amateurstation I5UPN, Italy

The antenna is built up !

High performance ferrite antenna module for Sferics surveys

High performance ferrite module with integrated operation amplifier, selective tuning in the frequency band LF/VLF (EMV)

Crossyagi 070/KY14 for Satellite communication - IZ2OBY, Italy

DK1TR Contest with 2/HDQ21-DX

DF2BR- Contest with 2/HDQ11

2/HDQ21-DX Contest - DO9BC

DK5KT 070/HDQ11 with 2 additional director elements

Contest Station DK0GYB Ballenstedt, Germany

Pictures Contest DARC VHF UHF Microwave DK0GYB by Torsten, DL2HTD