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Antenna LTE 4G 4G/FP12-XPOL

LTE 4 G polarization diversity antenna

LTE polarization diversity antenna 2x45°


The 4G/FP12-XPOL is a polarization diversity 4G lte antenna with two 45° polarized antennas .
Weatherproof enclosure, frequency 790-880 MHz, polarization X-pole, 2 x 12 dBi gain, V / R> 22 dB , Alpha H 55 °, 45 ° E alpha, Pmax 50 W, 2 x N-female connector, height 250 mm, width 250 mm, depth 60 mm.
Complete with mast mount.

The 4G/FP12-XPOL is a lte 4G directional antenna to extend the range, signal enhancement and acceleration data for LTE, and is due to the polarization diversity very well for the MiMo technology *.

By the polarization diversity of + / -45 °, you will receive an additional diversity gain of about 3-4 dB.

polarization diversity antenna *

MiMo technology *

Antenna LTE 4G


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Polarization diversity antenna LTE 4G/3G

LTE polarization diversity antenna 2x45°

LTE 4G, 3G 850 MHz Polarization diversity antenna

LTE polarization diversity antenna back view with 2 N-female connectors

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